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On 27/04/12 13:14, Phil Whitaker wrote:
> Have you considered other desktops such as Xfce (my favourite) or LXDE? Or
> perhaps no environment, just a window manager such as Openbox, Fluxbox or
> Enlightenment (E17)?
> Just my thoughts...
> Phil
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Hi All,

I'm currently downloading a Debian-live amd64 lxde and an opensuse 64bit lxde - I will ive
my impressions.

There is less documentation and some distros notable linux mint offers no downloadable
documentation - especially with programmes that are KDE in a Gnome-3 environment.

It's not about disliking change - change is a matter of living. It is rather to do with the
ease of use the flexibility the openness - the lack of hardwired branding the burying of
command files and the complete lack of documentation of the internal workings and set up of
their own DRM.

Sure I can  appreciate there's a lot of money involved - corporate sponsorship whp like the
idea of heavily marketed and locked in product branding - but should we not be concerned?
GNU open and free as distinct from corporate financial investment which increasingly locks
people in? No major distros as far as I know have not faded away cos they lacked corporate
money. Oh well another day of installing yet another distro or two!!!!


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