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Fri Apr 27 14:55:21 UTC 2012

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On 27/04/12 14:53, Martin wrote:
> On 27/04/12 14:33, david at gbenet.com wrote:
>> On 27/04/12 13:58, Martin wrote:
>>> A good rant and a good example of how computers can gobble up a
>>> full day, and all for no apparent progress!
>> So true Martin! I finished with my opensuse 1.2 at 1 am! I had a
>> headache back ache and bum ache - and no girlfriend to ...
> Hey! Steady on! :-)

Ha! Ha! Ha! She's coming over tomorrow - but she's fed up - having Windows XP Thunderbird
and PGP4Win installed - can't read my encrypted e-mails - oh well another O/S to fiddle with.

Well I downloaded LXDE Debian-Squeeze-LXDE and Suse 11.4 64bit-LXDE. Now I have opensuse
12.2 with "Gnome-3 - all I want to do is change my desktop environment. My current O/S runs
gnupgp2 by default - which suits me - I don't want to go to 11.4 I want to use an up-to-date
Thunderbird - so I can transfer all my mail to it. Ok I don't much care if its openoffice or
libreoffice as they are the same.

When I come down to it (a) I want to write (b) I want secure e-mail communications - I don't
play any games or require video streaming though VLC's good for all my occasional music and
video  needs.

Hmmmmmm ................. it's nearly 4 pm - I've had enough for one (or two) days!!

>> David - who's now about to burn 2 DVDs
> I moved onto using USB memory sticks some time ago. The good distros
> now make their iso files compatible for both CD/DVD and directly for
> memory sticks.
> Instead of burning a CD or DVD, you /should/ be able to do (as root):
> dd if=whatever.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=4M
> where /dev/sdX is your USB memory stick AND it is NOT mounted. The
> "bs=4M" speeds things up a bit and should avoid read-modify-write wear
> on most memory sticks. Best wait for a "sync" to finish and make sure
> the activity light has stopped blinking before removal.
> Out of paranoia, I also do a "cmp -l" to make sure the data has been
> written ok.
> Err... Get a more comfortable chair, or move around a bit more? I can
> recommend an brief intense game of SuperTuxKarts to aid your
> circulation and reduce any aches ;-)
> Cheers,
> Martin

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