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On 27/04/12 16:01, James Moore wrote:
> On 27/04/2012 15:55, david at gbenet.com wrote:
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>> On 27/04/12 14:53, Martin wrote:
>>> On 27/04/12 14:33, david at gbenet.com wrote:
>>>> On 27/04/12 13:58, Martin wrote:
>>>>> A good rant and a good example of how computers can gobble up a
>>>>> full day, and all for no apparent progress!
>>>> So true Martin! I finished with my opensuse 1.2 at 1 am! I had a
>>>> headache back ache and bum ache - and no girlfriend to ...
>>> Hey! Steady on! :-)
>> Ha! Ha! Ha! She's coming over tomorrow - but she's fed up - having Windows XP Thunderbird
>> and PGP4Win installed - can't read my encrypted e-mails - oh well another O/S to fiddle with.
>> Well I downloaded LXDE Debian-Squeeze-LXDE and Suse 11.4 64bit-LXDE. Now I have opensuse
>> 12.2 with "Gnome-3 - all I want to do is change my desktop environment. My current O/S runs
>> gnupgp2 by default - which suits me - I don't want to go to 11.4 I want to use an up-to-date
>> Thunderbird - so I can transfer all my mail to it. Ok I don't much care if its openoffice or
>> libreoffice as they are the same.
>> When I come down to it (a) I want to write (b) I want secure e-mail communications - I don't
>> play any games or require video streaming though VLC's good for all my occasional music and
>> video  needs.
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> Is OpenSuSE 12.2 any good? I had a play with 12.1 and consider it roadkill - none of my
> hardware worked "out of the box", they seem to do this every time with x.1 releases. My
> current *Nix is 11.4, which is not only ridiculously fast on 6GB RAM and dual core, it's
> also extremely stable and everything works fine even as a guest OS (Win7 HP host). 11.1 was
> terrible, 11.2 not much better as hardware detection goes.


I liked opensuse till 11.2 with Gnome which I thought was a bad turn of events. Poor
hardware detection. But I've always liked opensuse - it's much more stable and security
conscious. I have an Acer with a 500Gb HD 4GB or RAM and a 2.2 processor - installed worked
with my wireless and sound card out of the box so to speak. The only thing is there's no
official support for  VLC for legal reasons - whatever they are.

But and it's a big but opensuse has always been reliable - very stable and never has fallen
over - well my 12.2 did just that - and recovered with an assuring message "oops we crashed
but not to worry" and then it came up in an  instant. I've run opensuse as a server as an
ISP never failed - never switched it on or off in 4.5 years. It's got faster - not so slow
stodgy - so I will stick with it.

I'm contemplating going over to LXDE desktop - if  I can  install the  desktop on or over an
existing 12.2 with gnome. I am doubtful.

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