[Nottingham] A few talk titles

Jason Irwin jasonirwin73 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 4 10:49:08 UTC 2012


On 02/12/12 20:06, Martin wrote:
> Good open source citizenship (From an international speaker? ;-) )
With regards to this, there is a minor point: because they are "free", 
should they be immune from critique or other negative comment?
Does "don't complain, raise a bug" impinge on freedom?

I note no one leapt to the defence of Dell.  :-)

> How to create an Android app
Android x86 runs very nicely under VBox (I tried it the other week).

> How to install GNU/Linux on a graphics pad or 'smartphone' device
PengPod, Vivaldi

> A fistful of FLOSS devices
As above

> How the internet works
Cats.  It's all cats.

> Cloud systems (on the internet, and personal private clouds at home)
OwnCloud?  Really must get around to installing that.  Once I workout 
how to create a virtual DMZ and paranoid firewall.

> Life of LUGs
Advertise, advertise, advertise.

Jason Irwin

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