[Nottingham] [Social] Wednesday 19/12/2012: Christmas Nosh!

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Wed Dec 12 13:14:17 UTC 2012


We now have 10 people and counting. (And yes, that is ten base ten as
opposed to any jokes involving base 2 :-P )

Any others wish to party? :-)

(Sorry, the jokes likely won't get any better ;-) )

Please let me know today!

>> It's that time of year again and we have beaten the ravening hoards to
>> the top spot Royal Standard Place fine establishment for beer and food!
>> Only thing is, they wish to be sure of our bona fides afore throwing me
>> to feed the lions...
>> So, who's guaranteed game for:
>> Around Christmas
>> http://nottingham.lug.org.uk/event/around-christmas
>> Check out the menus and beers and let me know before *THIS WEDNESDAY*
>> 12/12/2012 that you are definitely coming.
> Who else is guaranteed game for the NLUG festive fun?

All welcome, including new comers, and occasional comers alike,

See ya there,


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