[Nottingham] Samsung N150 Variable brightness

stripes theotoky stripes.theotoky at googlemail.com
Mon Dec 17 05:05:17 UTC 2012

Dear Group,

Recently following an upgrade to Ubuntu 12.04 using the gnome desktop I
find that the brightness varies from almost black to full brightness and
back again in a period of about 2 - 3 seconds and this keeps on cycling
until I start a program at which point it settles down and works fine for
about 10 to 15 minutes then starts cycling again. It is most annoying but
as a temp and dirty fix I find the brightness never cycles if I have frozen
bubble open so I am currently in an internet cafe with frozen bubble idling
on a second desktop so I can use the browser.

Has anyone in the group ever seen this behaviour before or have any
suggestions as to how to fix it.

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