[Nottingham] Going over the basics

Jason Irwin jasonirwin73 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 27 17:36:28 UTC 2012

Hello one and all, hope you are suitably oiled...err...relaxed during this
holiday period and celebrated Newton's birthday with suitable gusto.

Having run out of books and managing to lose track of my Humble Bundle 7
passcode (I have the receipt, I'll sort it later) I decided to try and do
something constructive.  Deutsch lernen would probably be a good idea, but
that didn't seem geeky enough; so command line it was.

I've come across three links that seemed to fit the bill, the cover the
basics (and I do mean *basics*, probably too basic for many on here) but
you never know.

Bootstrap: http://learncodethehardway.org/cli/book/cli-crash-course.html
Learn Linux the Hard Way: http://nixsrv.com/llthw
Learn VIM whilst playing a game: http://vim-adventures.com/

I've evidently been some kind of kee-ray-zay masochist because I've been
using vi (or think I have, I've certainly been typing "vi").  And the odd
"echo foo > bar".  I quite like the way the llthw site has integrated the
Javascript GNU/Linux implementation so even if you are on a non-optimal OS
you can get by (OS X is probably close enough for most things).

Anyhoo,  are there any other interesting teach-yourself sites like those?
 Specifically ones of this exercise-based nature, rather than dry man
pages.  And no, installing Arch (or Gentoo) doesn't count. :)

Not sure if I'll be there on the 2nd for the first meet (can't recall when
the flight gets in).

A happy New Year to you all,

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