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Hi All,

Carolyn and I decided to pop down to Bletchley Park - which seemed a good idea when  we had
planned to go camping!

I had envisioned Bletchley Park filled with old Nissan Huts - all wood and all pretty much
derelict. They are all seemingly made of brick - and some are bomb-proof. The place by the
way is huge.

Much of the site is boarded up - has an air of decay about it - Google have given them
350,000 quid to help restore the place - you can go to the post office and get some mail
sent to your home address - I wonder if PO Box 111 still works!!

We decided on taking the tour - some two hours and paid an extra 3 quid to go to the
international computing museum and see a working Colossus. The guide told us that there were
over 10,000 people who worked there - husbands never told wives and wives never told
husbands. They have 3 books in the old house filled with names - and a form to fill in if
you worked there.

There are museums within museums - all things from the 1940's Hut-8 was where Alan Turing
worked - the huts worked in pairs. Also in hut-8 they have a working Colossus - which we
never got round to see - also the Winston Churchill centre - which we never got to see. But
once you buy a ticket - you can go back again and again. Very good value 15 quid for under
60's and 12 quid for old gits!


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