[Nottingham] Huawei 7 inch netbook

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Wed Jul 11 13:10:33 UTC 2012

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What David said (encrypted) was:

On 11/07/12 13:27, david wrote:
> Hello Martin,
> Yup - it's a 7 inch mini netbook with non-touch screen and a
> keyboard - just like any other laptop/netbook - a bit bigger than a
> paperback! In fact it has no marking on the case - no
> manufacturer's make or model number - just says "Made in China" in
> the box it came in - their web site is fairly useless well it's
> useless!!!  I unscrewed it - no moving parts - all solid state
> circuitry - one can not even add more RAM.
> Does Android have any support for gnupg? The web browser's crap -
> so is Google!! But it is pretty!!!
> David

(That's been reformatted so as not to give any Alan Turings amongst us
any chances :-) )


You getting your encryption rules a little overenthusiastic? ;-)

Also... Best is NOT to have your email address repeated as your name
for your email header... This list is followed by various archive
sites and those could offer unwelcome fodder for the spammers :-(

So... Any online links for what you've found? Is this a resurgence of
the netbook format resurrected from the Microsoft slap-down?

(My Acer "Aspire One" is still going strong on it's 8GB SSD & 1.5GB
RAM, as seen at the NLUG talks :-) Sad it's taken a few years for
similarly priced capable devices to return.)


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