[Nottingham] Email Format - question

Jason Irwin jasonirwin73 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 12 20:52:50 UTC 2012

=== Preamble ===
I don't want to try and tell people how to suck eggs, so you can skip
this bit if the word "Netiquette" has any meaning to you.

Back in the day when Usenet was king, there was a concept called
"Netiquette" and it covered the basic mores of how to communicate without
SHOUTING ALL THE TIME and so on.  When mailing lists and other things
started up, it got carried over but as seems to have passed into
obscurity.  Also, devices/services have changed so what it once
recommended may no long be appropriate.

=== The Notts G/LUG ===
With everyone using many different styles/conventions I often find it
takes a moment to figure out what the actual message is (that may just be
me being a thicky).  I also wonder what happens in the digest, does the
HTML come through OK?

I realise that asking this may start a flame war (a bit like asking a
coder if one should indent with tabs or spaces*), but what do you guys 'n
gals think should the "style" on the list?  If any?

My personal little list would be:
1) Text only (if possible)
2) Only quote relevant parts, not whole tracts
4) Be polite, and use emoticons to add meaning where text is not enough.

I've left out top-quote/bottom-post as different devices kinda lend
themselves to different things.

I don't think a long list of "Thou shall not" directives with a "List
Police" will get anyone anywhere, but maybe a short list of "If at all
possible, please..."

What do you think?  Would it help or am I just being a fascist pig?

Jason Irwin

*Trick-question! Anyone using spaces outside of white-space sensitive
languages is, of course, a deviant who needs to be taken outside and shot.

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