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I prefer top posting, as if your staying up to date with the mailing list you can just read it rather than having to scroll down the entire trail just to find the latest answer. Plus the old blackberry's don't allow bottom posting
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On 12/07/12 21:54, Jason Irwin wrote:
> === Preamble ===
> I don't want to try and tell people how to suck eggs, so you can skip
> this bit if the word "Netiquette" has any meaning to you.
> My personal little list would be:
> 1) Text only (if possible)
> 2) Only quote relevant parts, not whole tracts
> 4) Be polite, and use emoticons to add meaning where text is not enough.

Good fair comment, and something that I would hope new users would soon
pick up from the existing style of the list...

> I've left out top-quote/bottom-post as different devices kinda lend
> themselves to different things.

Hey! An occasional flame war can be healthy ;-)

And so James jumps right in :-)

And myself also :-) :-)

For top/bottom posting, unfortunately we appear to be victim to whatever
'commercial device' or email client is being used. For myself, I much
prefer bottom or inline posting for discussions to maintain
chronological order and to encourage trimming out extraneous comment.
(As shown by this reply.) We do read top-to-bottom and left-to-right
after all...

We can leave the business practice of top posting to the business world
typical cover-my-arse-audit-trail business use...

Those using mobile devices have a good excuse due to the limitations of
those devices. However, the manufacturers' self-advertising signatures
are rather annoying though...

> I don't think a long list of "Thou shall not" directives with a "List
> Police" will get anyone anywhere, but maybe a short list of "If at all
> possible, please..."

Hopefully, gentle positive peer pressure will keep things positive. Best
is to keep away from the old-school religions of "Thou Shalt Not". That
encourages too much evil in sneaking around the "Shalt Not". Far better
is to go "New School" to suggest what is best done for the common good.

(Ooooer... That getting religious?! ;-) )

Don't know what happens with the mail digests... Are they still usable?


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