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On 13/07/12 22:03, david at gbenet.com wrote:
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>>> Subject: Re: [Nottingham] Email Format - question
> I'd thought I'd add my own thoughts. In the middle of th 80's most
> people that used USENET

Good summary and...

The crucial bits there are that what was once USENET is still there,
but slowly getting forgotten other than for a few groups copying over
their forums to that format, and other than for a few 'enthusiast'

The internet came to be and we now have the general population and
unwashed masses playing. Along with the inevitable parasites and
fraudsters also now all on the net. Long gone are the days of friendly
academic carefree interaction without even the need for passwords or

How long ago was it deemed that telnet was foolhardy/unusable over the

How long ago was it that servers usually had a guest account freely
open to all on the internet to log into? (And you could trust that
whoever logged in gave a real email address to they replied.)

Then again, how long ago was it that you rang up your colleagues in
whatever neighbouring institutions to tell them what IP addresses to
add to their own manually maintained hosts file that described the
ENTIRE internet?...

Same problems as when a village expands to become a city?

I guess we now similarly have a few slums and "red light areas" on the
net... :-(

Are there parallels to how "Second Life" has 'progressed'?


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