[Nottingham] Toasted toaster -> RasPI case or other?

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Thu Jul 19 11:40:06 UTC 2012

On 18/07/12 21:19, ForkBombFluf wrote:
> Are its wings still intact and can it fly reasonably well?  Does it have
> any latent but detectable acting ability?  (I was thinking about taking
> it to a few auditions for the retro screensaver scene...)

Ouch!... Now that /is/ getting retro and elaborate.

Next would be to add a small display showing the old screensavers and
demoscene stuff.

For something more useful, it could double as a kitchen internet device
to display recipes...

Shame there isn't any cooperation by online sites to use xml or whatever
in a standard format to then let the non-techno-savvy use a general
'app' to add up and order the ingredients, or find an equivalent source
ready cooked from the nearest take-away!...

Mmmm... Other projects first...


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