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Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Thu Nov 8 15:33:42 UTC 2012

> *TODAY* Wed 06/11/2012:
>>> Virtually Here
>>> http://nottingham.lug.org.uk/event/virtually-here
>>> 19:30 Linux Talk @ Fellows Moreton Clayton
>>> We’ve had the ‘Wow!’ and the ‘how’ in our previous installment, until ...

That was a good fun video collection, with a few enlightening bits also.
There's rather a lot of cross-over between virtual worlds and what we
believe to be our real world...

Thanks to Paul for the extra clip about Ken Block... I had used the
following clip as an example of simulating reasonably realistic physics,
but also of not simulating so well the surrounding world (note the
overenthusiastic Z-culling for example):

GTA4 Dirft Ken Block's Subaru

Little did I know that style of driving is for real!


Good fun... And lots more was shown for how to fool our senses to
experience something not real...

We already have and have had for some time "virtual realities". For the
second instalment we saw a little of what is being called "augmented
reality" where you have added views that follow the real world
superimposed on your own real-world view. Very useful for such as
aircraft pilots following on from the old-style "head up displays", or
even for car drivers. However, handed over to Marketing people, do you
really want to see your world through their "augmented reality" filtered
view of the world around you?

Then going further, through to some gruesome Marketing for future user
synergy and safety with increased efficiency and management control, at
all time of day and night, throughout the buildings and city for where
you live and work... All for our own good ofcourse...

Smart buildings - the future of building technology

And then again, do we know what is real?

NASA/DoD physicist Thomas Campbell:

And mention was made of various realities inbetween...

The RasPi held together quite nicely for viewing at 10fps and even kept
the sound reasonably in sync. Stop, start, pause, or 15fps, are still a
killer with it for badly losing sync... Until the next upgrade...

Next social is Monkeys and a Shabab! ;-)


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