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On 20/11/12 15:55, David Aldred wrote:

>> Personally, I'm happy with phone companies setting a data cap
>> (for now), as not doing so would be impractical. However, I'm not
>> happy with them telling us what we can and can't do with that
>> allowance, and I'm not happy with them inspecting our traffic to
>> make sure we're obeying their rules. In the same way that I
>> wouldn't be happy with a PC or OS vendor telling me what software
>> I'm allowed to run on my device. Internet access should be free
>> from these sorts of restrictions. It's called network
>> neutrality. I'm going to use my 500MB monthly allowance however I
>> see fit.
> Hmm.  It's your choice, of course, but I'd say that if you have a 
> contract with someone, you're as subject to the contract as they
> are.

Legally yes. In any other aspect, no. I treat contracts that I have
with small businesses, my employer and individuals very differently to
the contracts I have with billion dollar telecoms companies, and so
should you.

> If you enter into the contract, abide by it.  If you find the
> terms unacceptable, don't sign up to them: go and find a supplier 
> who agrees with you (after making it clear to the supplier you
> won't deal with exactly why you won't).

I don't think that telling T-Mobile that I disagree with their ethics,
and then going to a different company that behaves exactly the same
will be very fruitful.

> Your post does rather as though you want your supplier to be all
> ethical and respect net neutrality, but you don't see fit to apply
> ethics to your side of the contract.

They are a business. They don't have ethics. I don't want them to, "be
all ethical", I want them to be forced to abide by network neutrality
through legislation, and I will use technology to achieve a similar
result until then.

> Yes, I know, ethics are *so* 1950s.....

Rather than implying that I have no ethics, why not acknowledge that
they're just different to yours instead?

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