[Nottingham] “Talk is cheap. Show me the code.”

Duncan notlug at pendinas.org.uk
Thu Nov 29 11:01:21 UTC 2012

On 29/11/12 09:59, Martin wrote:
> On 29/11/12 09:26, Duncan wrote:
>> Just following
>> Linus "I find people who get ‘offended’ to be annoying twits" Torvalds'
>> lead.
> I'll agree, especially so for those that argue against the
> person/messenger rather than focusing on the /ideas/ being argued.
> Add also a huge irritation for those that wander about the bush or those
> that still argue even when they don't even know what bush is their bush!...
> Lead as in direction, or lead as in dense metal?... ;-)

Both direction and weight around our collective neck.  Failing to communicate
in a civil manner is the history of electronic communication and something
that is endemic to Linux communities the world over.  While Linus' acerbic
posts can be amusing,  sycophants and people of lesser social skills use
people like Linus' acerbic posts to set their "norm";  to justify bullying,
being rude and generally making loud rude noises because that will obviously
make people bow down before their "technically correctness".

You only have to listen to the sycophants and morons lapping up Martin Amis'
acerbic, and often cruel, reviews "because he does it so linguistically well"
to see the problem is far wider than the FOSS community.  But that doesn't
mean we cannot do better. In fact, to be an open and welcoming community
I would argue we _have_ to do better.

> Regardless, we do have a very good practical (Linus) and political (rms)
> "good cop - bad cop" old "one - two" act who have contrived to be the
> catalyst of a lot of IT freedom...

You truly are a man of faith Martin.

Have fun,

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