[Nottingham] [Misc, OT, Humour] News Sensation! Linus Reads Discworld!

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Sat Oct 6 00:12:29 UTC 2012

On 05/10/12 21:53, Andy Smith wrote:
> The word "widdershins" predates Discworld by quite a long way btw,
> although you're probably right to guess that Linus heard of it first
> from there, as did I. :)

Well I never...


I'm from that area and hadn't heard of that before. Bit of a b*****r if
you're in the southern hemisphere and sun religious!

It amazes me just where Terry Pratchett gets/got his wide ranging
insights from! His series that include the ever developing Hex fit
beautifully with hilarious incredible detail for those that know
anything of the academic/development history of computing. There's some
fun philosophical angles and tangents thrown in there also. Even if you
don't know, it's still fun reading. For what I know of the subject, I
was on occasion left rolling on the floor laughing - and that's with no
beer needed!!

Living through the 8-bit micro era helps also ;-)


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