[Nottingham] Wed/Tues swap! (Re: LUG Booking at Fellows on December 5th)

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Wed Oct 31 14:52:10 UTC 2012


On 30/10/2012, Andrew Beale wrote:
> Hi People,
> Just need to ask if Nottingham Skeptics in the pub and the NLUG could do a
> swap.  I have a booking at the Fellows on the 4th and you guys have the 5th.
>   Could we do a swap as that months speaker can only make it on Wednesday
> now?

If you're still stuck, yes we can do a swap. Hopefully, that won't be
too disruptive for peoples' weekly plans.

We're doing a rag-bag of key signing, Linux news, and finishing off
the Virtuality video/talk. Your lot are welcome to join us for the
LInux session to cast their Sceptical eyes over what the future might
hold in IT... (Whether on Wed or Tues.)

Please confirm,


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