[Nottingham] Bletchley Park - FINAL EMAIL

Nick Leverton nick at leverton.org
Tue Sep 11 19:15:00 UTC 2012

On Tue, Sep 11, 2012 at 12:17:04PM +0100, Martin wrote:
> On 11/09/12 12:01, Jason Irwin wrote:
> > This seems timely:
> > http://www.theregister.co.uk/2012/09/11/alan_turing_monopoly/
> OK... A bit cheesy but a good idea. Hopefully not lost amongst all the
> other branded re-spins of that game...
> I like the use of "'Auntie Flo is not so well' (which was the secret
> phrase...)".
> What's /really/ needed is a Turing Machine game board. That would make
> for a hellish twisted sort of snakes and ladders for jogging forwards
> and backwards until completion...

I was definitely not convinced by the poster advertising an Alan Turing
Olympic Torch at the shop.  No not this one:
The poster of a smiling Turing brandishing the Olympic Torch pursued by
crusty old scientists ?  Just what can they be thinking of ?

> Which reminds me, where was that machine? Does that mean we need to go
> back again? ;-)

I think it was agreed by several of us that we need to go back to see
the computers they are all working :-)  I don't know, do they have a
pure Turing machine there though ?


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