[Nottingham] Dual Boot - Windows updates and Linux boot failures

David Aldred davidaldred at gmail.com
Tue Nov 26 17:32:10 UTC 2013

Hi, all

A few weeks ago I did one of those complete reinstall tasks on the PC, and
among other things took my 'occasional use' windows installation out of a
VM and into its own partition, dual booted.

Since then I've found a number of times that Linux has filed to boot -
specifically where Windows has started to install updates before closing.

(For those unfamiliar with it, Windows will download updates, and present
them for installation (or install automatically depending on settings),
 and updates often require a reboot in order to complete the installation).

If I close down Windows when it has started the update installation
process, then restart in Linux,, Linux fails to boot.  If I reboot into
Windows, and allow the update process to finish, then restart in Linux,
it's fine.

Is this expected behaviour?  And how is the presence of an incomplete
Windows update stopping Linux booting in these circumstances?

(I'm running Linux Mint 15).

David Aldred
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