[Nottingham] Many router reported to have port 32674 open

Dan Caseley dan at caseley.me.uk
Wed Jan 8 08:06:32 UTC 2014

Crikey! Since the Superhub doesn't have the option to block a port in the
FW, I'll try redirecting it to a vacant IP.
Firmware checks should surely be a pull mechanism, not a push?

That's bumped replacing this crappy router up the priority list a bit!


On 7 Jan 2014 10:17, "Jason Irwin" wrote:
> So this wee story is doing the rounds just now:
> And the great news is the VM SuperHub (both versions) is affected. Nice.
> Of course, that only matters if you are using as a router.
> And, of course, it only matters if that port is being used for "The
> League of Evil" (or whatever).
> I know VM keep remote access to the router in order to push firmware
> updates etc; so could this be the port they use for such a thing? Anyone
> know?
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