[Nottingham] [Social] Thursday 16/01/2014: A Cross to Laguna

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Mon Jan 13 18:36:07 UTC 2014

On 13/01/14 17:14, Jason Irwin wrote:
> On 12/01/14 22:45, Martin wrote:

>> Also, from some feedback, I've subdued the colour gradient for our
>> website. However, green as a background is a difficult choice for
>> contrast against blue for showing web links. Not helped by my not being
>> able to find any switches to make the sidebar links bold rather than
>> normal text. (I hope to avoid tweaking the css so as to not get knobbled
>> by any updates...) Comments/suggestions welcomed... ;-)

> The green is OK by me, so long as the panels that contain text have a
> different background colour; which unfortunately isn't always the case.

I tried a different background colour for just the side panels. It
looked clunky and awful.

I also tried making the item text bold, but that left everything badly
cluttered and ugly.

I've now increased the contrast... To my eyes for this monitor at least,
the sidebar text now appears to leap out of the screen at you. Hope not
too dazzling!

Next attempt could be to use different fonts but then we may aswel move
to using a different theme altogether...

So good enough? Or too unreadable?



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