[Nottingham] [Social] *TODAY* Thursday 16/01/2014: A Cross to Laguna

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Thu Jan 16 13:38:54 UTC 2014


*TODAY* Thursday 16/01/2014:

>> For our first curry of the year to warm our hearts, we have:
>> A Cross to Laguna
>> http://nottingham.lug.org.uk/event/a-cross-to-laguna
>> Thursday 16/01/2014: Usual 7:30pm start for 8pm food nearby.
>> And we may also see something of some long lost cross caves... ;-)
>> Aside:
>> The plan for this year is to have the first Thursday as the social and
>> the 3rd Thursday as a talk/do-something evening. (Blue Moon beers on any
>> 5th Thursday as usual.)
>> Also, from some feedback, I've subdued the colour gradient for our
>> website. However, green as a background is a difficult choice for
>> contrast against blue for showing web links. Not helped by my not being
>> able to find any switches to make the sidebar links bold rather than
>> normal text. (I hope to avoid tweaking the css so as to not get knobbled
>> by any updates...) Comments/suggestions welcomed... ;-)
>> Or do we need a greater revamp?! ;-)

See ya there,


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