[Nottingham] SSD upgrade

Duncan notlug at pendinas.org.uk
Wed Jan 29 19:24:59 UTC 2014

On 28/01/14 08:38, Jason Irwin wrote:
> I'm looking to upgrade from a 500GB spinning rust unit to an SSD. Intel are over £400 and as good as they are, I don't need to fuss
> about power loss as this is in a laptop.
> Kingston seems to trump Crucial for performance and capacity (I've not had an issue with the Kingston RAM I've bought in the past).
> Any other SSD makers? I'd need a 7mm unit.
> And what about mSata? I could install a 120GB mSata drive, make it bootable and use that as a main drive, keeping the 500GB HDD for
> the 60GB Windows partition and stuff I don't need quickly (e.g. music or something). Other than capacity, are there downsides to mSata?
> Mentioning Windows, if I replace the HDD; does anyone know if the Windows partition on there would boot when used as an external
> drive? Unfortunately I need to keep Windows for firmware updates etc.

I've not measured actual performance but I have had no problems
with 256GB and 512 GB Samsung 840 Pro SSDs yet.

The following page is worth a read for SSD tips and tricks too:

Have fun,

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