[Nottingham] [Social] As was - Thursday 01/05/2014: Red Hot Langtrys!

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Thu May 8 17:21:03 UTC 2014


OK, so that was a bit of a surreal evening out... :-o

For my part of the story:

No buses!

OK, so I'm well aware that for my part of the bus route, there is
'random variability' for the bus service either side of their change of
shifts for the drivers... Also, any snarl-up on the A52 or A453 also
seems to mean that there are no buses. However, on this occasion, there
was not a bus to be seen for over half an hour! In any direction. So
much for the 10mins service...

So, not to be thwarted, I jogged across the tram works to try my chances
on a bus route that /should/ have a 5mins service for multiple routes...

And, there was suspicious little of any traffic!...

Just as I was on the verge of phone-a-taxi-or-jog-further... There was
the surreal sight of the Skylink bus ambling along, all alone. Other
than the driver, I was then the only person onboard. What a lark!


My fears of apocalypse were unfounded as there was another one soul to
join the journey and there were a few signs of life as we trundled
through Beeston.

In contrast, by the magic of high tech I was informed that Langtrys was
"standing room only" and possibly the NLUG session should divert elsewhere.

Continuing the spookiness... Most everyone had disappeared as I arrived
at Langtrys. That was good for being able to get a beer seat. Not so
good in that most of the beers had been drunk dry!

Also, most of our usual fellow conspirators were either away abroad or
away working or just away to leave just: John and Myself.

One beer and then a delayed onwards to:

Red Hot was very good and true to style even though I seemed to bring
along the "where is everyone?" spooky spell... We finished off with more
staff in there than guests!

And by that time, Langtrys had recovered with newly tapped barrels to
finish off the evening very well :-)

Was the post-apocalyptic spookiness possibly anything to do with the
bank holiday weekend and good weather? ;-)

Watch the website for our less spooky and hopefully better populated
next meet in the Falcon. We may well be Linux musical again... ;-)



> ... 7:30pm Thursday 01/05/2014
>>> Time flies and here were go into the first day of May by flying around
>>> the culinary world with:
>> Red Hot Langtry’s
>> http://nottingham.lug.org.uk/event/red-hot-langtrys-3
>>> Usual 7:30pm pre-beers at:
>>> Langtrys
>>> To then explore dishes around the world at 8pm underground around the corner at:
>>> Red Hot World Buffet & Bar

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