[Nottingham] Log in to X11 at boot

Mike Cardwell nlug at lists.grepular.com
Sat May 24 08:02:54 UTC 2014

I purchased a small 2.8" touchscreen for one of my Raspberry Pi's. I
wrote a small X11 app and then added the path to it to my "pi" users
~/.xinitrc. If I ssh in and run startx, the app begins and displays
on screen. I can't figure out how to get this to happen automatically
at boot though. I've tried adding it to /etc/rc.local, and as a
"@reboot" cron job. I even replicated the act of ssh'ing and and
running "startx" by setting up ssh keys and running "ssh localhost
startx" to cron, to no avail.

I'm sure I'm missing something fundemental about how this is
supposed to work. Any ideas?

Here's the touchscreen in case you're interested:


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