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 Thanks for the prompt replies.


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On 29/05/14 17:26, Alistair Lane wrote:
> I have just installed a new HP printer on my system because the old
> Epson had stopped printing with yellow.
> Now it seems that the problem is not the printer since the new printer,
> an HP, is doing exactly the same, and
> the old printer is working fine (including yellow) on my daughter's
> computer.
> Anyone got any ideas on what needs changing?

Is the printer correctly identified?
Yes Ubuntu picked up the new printer straight away

 What is the PC - Printer connection?

LAN, USB, parallel printer cable, or serial printer cable?

Have you been tweaking the colour settings or colour matching settings
and changed the "gamma" or "levels"?
Probably not since I don't know what this means.

 What does the printer self-test test page show?
I have only printed the Ubuntu test page which shows no yellow


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