[Nottingham] Printer weirdness

stripes theotoky stripes.theotoky at googlemail.com
Sat Apr 25 12:53:14 UTC 2015


can someone give me an idea what is going on here

I just checked localhost:631 to find that the only printer on my system is
a Xerox-Xerox-Phaser-6360DT which is odd as my desktop has never connected
to that printer. That printer in fact being 10,000 miles away in storage in
Australia and it has only ever connected to my partners laptop.

Checking KDE, System Settings, Printer configuration shows that I have a
local printer HP_Colour_Laser_2600n which is right and which I can print
to. I also have the following networked printers Photosmart-B110-series
which is also out of the country and has only ever been connected to by a
different laptop, the  Xerox-Xerox-Phaser-6360DT and the two other copies
of the 2600n which were deleted in cups years ago.

It seems that when my partners laptops connected to my network all the
printer data copied into my version KDE printer configuration but not to
cups. Does this make sense is it what is supposed to happen?

The Xerox and the hp are both network printers the Photosmart is only USB
if that is relevant.

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