[Nottingham] How ISP shenanigans hampers your browsing experience.

Jason Irwin jasonirwin73 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 7 09:54:11 UTC 2015

On 07/01/15 09:29, Mike Cardwell wrote:
> Heck, most sites seem to have no problem with pulling in 50 images
> for a single page load, and content from 15 different domains to get social
> buttons and tracking scripts added to their sites, with no thought to the
> dismal performance that will lead to. 

This does my head in as the browser draws about 25% of the page then has
to sit and wait as MyFaceDiscqussBookTwit takes its sweet time to load
an image. And script. And... Luckily my router consigns a lot of that to
the bin, so I only really notice it off-site.

> Very few website designers and
> sysadmins seem to be aware that these issues even exist, let alone how to
> deal with them.

As a dev (although I do a lot less UI/front-end work these days) I am
well aware.
<Insert 10 paragraph rant about style trumping substance and platform
choices based purely on aesthetics>

> I think that would be a very risky thing for any ISP to do in the UK.

For now, yes. If the USA chooses a two-tier Internet (Slow lane and
Slower lane) you can be sure the UK will adopt it in time, just have to
wait for more consolidation in the ISP arena.

> They would have to build a massive whitelist too

This is perfectly doable. Heck, charging people to be on the whitelist
could be a nice earner.
Oh wait, that's the two-tier Internet.

Yes, I am that cynical.

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