[Nottingham] Problem installing Linux on Acer Aspire E15

Jason Irwin jasonirwin73 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 13 10:34:24 UTC 2015

On 13/03/15 09:32, Godfrey Nix wrote:
> I was able to get Ubuntu installed after I had done these steps -
>    Startup BIOS - turn off Secure Boot but left in UEFI mode. Save and exit.
>    Reboot machine, log into Windows and open Control Panel
>    turn off Fast Start in the power options. Save, exit, force a shutdown.
>    Power on machine and insert Ubunto DVD
>    select install option but edit the install command and remove "quiet  
> splash"
> But now, when I reboot machine it reports a faulty disk and goes into 
> automatic disk repair - this is Windows 8!!!
> Maybe I should just wipe disk entirely and forget about dual boot.

Ah, Window 8. I have got dual booting to work in the past (on either an
Acer or an Asus). It is a complete PITA due to Windows and yes, you do
need black-magic like disabling fast boot etc. I would avoid wiping the
disc if at all possible as you'll need Windows for firmware updates etc
(I've made the mistake of wiping the Windows install in the past).

If you can get to the LUG meet on Thursday I am sure there'll be enough
brain power kicking around to beat the laptop into submission. Let me
know which version and variant of Ubuntu you want (e.g. Ubuntu 14.10
64bit) and I'll make sure to bring an installation USB stick with me.

This actually read like the Windows boot is still in charge, rather than

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