[Nottingham] Is their anything better than Jitsi?

Mike Cardwell nlug at lists.grepular.com
Mon May 18 09:04:07 UTC 2015

* on the Mon, May 18, 2015 at 09:32:40AM +0100, Jason Irwin wrote:

> Skype works very well. But is is proprietary and doesn't allow remote
> control.
> Jitsi does allow remote control, but many keys (Enter, Tab, Cursor etc)
> don't seem to get passed through correctly, voice often fails (the "I
> can hear you, can you hear me?" dance) and it seems to be bit crashy
> (press "Esc" during a call, boom. Restart client).
> Mostly I need this to help my parents with their Windows PC as they are
> not very tech savvy (and to get that blasted RasPi ssh session going
> again...)
> Does anyone have any suggestions that they know work well and are
> cross-platform?

Firefox Hello?


I don't know if it "works well" as I've only used it a couple of times
to test it out. It worked during my tests but I've not used it long
enough to know for sure.

It's based entirely on WebRTC so it's cross-platform compatible and you
don't need to install any extra software or plugins if you already have
a modern browser installed.

There is a button on Firefox that lets you initiate calls. You then just
pass a link to the other party which they visit to connect the call. I
believe there is some way of signing into it so that you don't have to
pass links about manually, I've not played with that though.

WebRTC is the official real time communication API from the W3C. It's
built into Firefox, Chromium/Chrome and Opera atm. There are plugins
to enable it in IE and Safari. It's peer to peer and uses end-to-end
encryption. It's the future of voice/video chat.

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