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Fri Oct 2 18:16:28 UTC 2015

In my view the solution is:
1. Setup an alias to all 10 persons from info at .... to the personal ids.
2. Setup a common IM a/c which shows online status and share the user name
and password with all: ask people to check just before login if someone
from the common IM a/c is logged in - if not the person will login to a
webmail service and respond to email and logout from IM. So no two person
can login at one time since the know that some other person is already
logged in.

if someone wants to automate the 2nd step then create a simple javascript
which checks if common IM status is online then dont let other people
login  by redirecting them to warning page, Some sort of auto logout can
also be made in case of inactivity if one wants a more techie solution.

Not sure if it helps but in my view this is a simple sol without much
abhishek jain

On Fri, Oct 2, 2015 at 8:14 PM, stripes theotoky <
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> Dear Group,
> I am currently in Greece doing some volunteer work and have been asked to
> sort out e-mail by one of the villages. They saw I run Linux onthe laptop
> and assume I am a great computer guru because of it. How wrong they are.
> However the problem is this:
> They have an e-mail address info at somegreekvillage.eu
> This address is important and cannot be changed.
> E-mail sent to that address must be forwarded to 10 of the village members
> on their personal e-mail addresses.
> The e-mail will be answered and the answers will be sent from the info
> address.
> Somehow apparently by magic the reply will get from the personal email to
> the info mailserver and be sent on from there and every one of the 10 will
> know what has been written and will be able to pick up the thread of
> conversation if anyone bothers to write to them a second time.
> Problems:-
> 1). I don't see how to do it.
> 2). Everyone of the locals accesses their e-mail differently using
> addresses at gmail, yandex.com, yahoo.com and otenet.gr accessing it via,
> webmail, IMAP and POP3.
> 3). Seems to be no version control in here so nothing stopping 2 or more
> people answering the same e-mail at the same time.
> It seems to me that what they need is simple webmail which doesn't allow
> concurrent logins to which all 10 of them have the username and password.
> The trouble seems to be that this would be simple and work but would leave
> open the possiblity that someone could log in and never log out keeping the
> other 9 in the dark as to what was going on.
> Is it even possible to do it they way they want it done?
> Stripes
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Thanks and kind Regards,
Abhishek jain
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