[Nottingham] **Today** [Social] Beeston Blue Moon Beers Hops along to Mr Falafel for 2030

Jason Irwin jasonirwin73 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 29 08:54:53 UTC 2015

Once again, apologies for the short notice. Really have to try and get
ahead of these things!

The unofficial start will be at the Hop Pole on High Road from 1930.

The official start will be Mr. Falafel on Chilwell Road from 2030. This
is a Lebanese fast food emporium that sells a variety of delights and
probably the best shawarma in the UK. None of that “unidentifiable
animal derivative on a spike” you normally see. As you would expect with
Lebanese cuisine, there are also numerous vegetarian options to choose
from. Their menu is up on Just Eat (see below) if you want to get an
idea what’s on offer

Once the hunger has been sated, it’s a quick skip around the corner to
the Hop Pole, hopefully we won’t be too disturbed by the quiz. No dogs
in attendance as the Hope Pole have a cat and that just wouldn’t end
well. :-)

Pub: The Hop Pole
2 High Road, Beeston, NG9 4AE

Grub: Mr Falafel
82 Chilwell Road
Beeston, NG9 1FQ

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