[Nottingham] How to remote diagnose network issues?

Paul reclusivegeek at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Sep 8 13:26:52 UTC 2015

Have you thought about using IPsec for your VPN's and enabling it's 
"Dead peer detection" works great if you need a permanent VPN. You will 
find quite a few Firewalls and routers with it built in.


On 07/09/15 23:26, Jason Irwin wrote:
> Have you ever found that when dealing with IT, you vanish down a 
> rabbit hole only to emerge back into the light and be incapable of 
> seeing what is in front of you face?
> Seems there may be a number of factors making my life hell:
> 1) Dodgy power - there was a cut at around 1500 which tallies with 
> when my connection dropped.
> 2) Dodgy Internet - the Pi is betwixt two Spanish villages and that is 
> as problematic as you can imagine,
> 3) The VPN - although it's based on OpenVPN, either the way it's 
> configured or 2) above just makes it really brittle. I'm considering 
> pulling that now as, for reasons, it is no longer serving the intended 
> function (and I've half a mind to run-up my one on some of those 
> Scaleway ARM doofers, for reasons).
> Given 1) and 2), is there a good approach to restablishing 
> connections? I can imagine writing arcane scripts along the lines of 
> "IF 'ping google' is ok THEN do stuff ELSE sleep for longer" but I 
> can't help thinking this has to be a solved problem. Probably 10 
> different ways... :-)
> Hmm...would a 9V battery works as the UPS for a Pi?.... :-)
> I've nw got systemd throwing a grump on reboot, at least that means 
> it's trying to run my test script. Progres!
> Thanks for all the help on this - currently installing Ubuntu 15.04 (I 
> had the .iso on the drive) so i can muck about with systemd. Fingers 
> crossed.
> J.
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