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Camilo Mesias camilo at mesias.co.uk
Fri Sep 11 18:56:39 UTC 2015

If you're up for a challenge (Linux user, so I presume so) you could try a
Mi Band. They are dirt cheap and the hardware is excellent - waterproof
with a month battery life. They need a smartphone to sync to but might sync
to an android image running on a VM with access to a Bluetooth 4 adapter.
Then there are possible open source routes to the data or you could stage
it through Google fit and get it that way. They cost about a tenner plus
selling your soul to the cloud platforms of Google and Xiaomi...
If you want a bigger challenge you could get a sport watch dev kit from TI
(water resistant to 30m) and write your own tracker firmware...


On Fri, 11 Sep 2015 10:26 Mike Cardwell <nlug at lists.grepular.com> wrote:

> * on the Fri, Sep 11, 2015 at 09:10:47AM +0100, stripes theotoky wrote:
> > I am looking for a "Fitbit" exercise monitor type of wristband that is
> > compatible with Linux and is waterproof, as much of my exercise is
> > swimming. They are mostly made to log data to smartphones but not having
> > one I wish to sync it to the laptop.
> >
> > Does anyone have any experience with these devices?
> >
> > The Fitbit doesn't fit these requirements being neither water proof nor
> > Linux compatible.
> I can't directly recommend this as I don't have experience of one yet,
> but I'm getting a Pebble Time watch (I'll be picking it up tomorrow). You
> can use one of these whilst swimming:
> https://getpebble.com/pebble_time
> A quick search suggests that there are apps which you can install on the
> watch related to tracking your swims:
> http://www.swimiomotion.com/
> I'm not sure about Linux support. But you can write your own apps and their
> SDK can be installed on Linux:
> http://developer.getpebble.com/sdk/install/linux/
> So at the very least, you could write something yourself to track your
> swimming which then uploads data to a server via whatever means
> you choose (a HTTP PUT/POST to your own webapp?)
> Regards,
> Mike
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