[Nottingham] [Walk] 30th Jan - Dovedale and Hall Dale

Jason Irwin jasonirwin73 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 11 09:06:18 UTC 2016

Drama right from the start! Well, that's what the book says anyway. Must
admit, I don't remember any drama the last time we walked this. Maybe I
should demand a refund?

Starting out from the Dovedale Pay & Display near Thrope
(http://osm.org/go/eu2fmnjEl-?m=&node=1675754350), going past Thorpe
Cloud (http://osm.org/go/eu2ftLA8?m=&node=1675754350) and into Dovedale
(http://osm.org/go/eu2fywsj?m=&node=1675754350). Then through Hall Dale
(http://osm.org/go/eu2f0WVk?m=&node=1675754350) and back along Ilam-Moor
Lane (http://osm.org/go/eu2feG6U?m=&node=1675754350) to the start point
once again. This walks is a fair bit easier than Stanage Edge was.
There's a couple of steep sections, but in general any gradient is
gentle rather than "in your face".

There's also plenty of opportunity to vary the walk depending on
weather, speed and general interest: take in Milldale, head down to the
River Manifold, sprint up Thorpe Cloud....

Going to allow about 5 hours for the walk (the actual walk is a minimum
3.5 hours) to stops and general faffing around and a couple of more
hours for getting there/back. So a 0800 start from home, should see you
back there around 1500-1600.

Bring sturdy boots, decent socks, waterproofs, lunch etc. Bad weather
will halt the walk, a wee bit of rain/wind won't.

Please let me know if you'd like to join and if you're a driver or need

What: Dovedale and Hall Dale walk
Distance: 8km (5 miles)
Ascent/Gradient: 170m (557ft)
Difficulty: Easy
Time: 3.5 hours minimum
Deadtree: AA "50 Walks in the Peak District", walk 42 "Dovedale and Hall
Dale", page 147. ISBN: 978-0-7524-4639-4
(The text is identical to the book, but formatting sucks)

When: January 30th 2016 starting walk @ 0930
Meet-up #1: Our place in Beeston to leave @ 0800 (contact me off-list
for address etc)
Meet-up #2: Dovedale Pay & Display near Thrope
(http://osm.org/go/eu2fmnjEl-?m=&node=1675754350) @ 0900

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