[Nottingham] Is it time to save the Internet in Europe?

Godfrey Nix godfrey at gnnix.co.uk
Thu Jul 14 15:07:49 UTC 2016

Not in the news, but it has appeared on campaigning sites like AVAAZ,
see this extract from email I received.


Last week a gang of multinationals including Deutsche Telekom, Nokia,
and Vodafone launched a desperate effort to kill the free and open
Internet we all rely on.

If they succeed, they will create ‘fast lanes’ for the big Internet
companies who can pay, while condemning independent media, start-ups,
and citizen movements like Avaaz to a 'slow lane'. But if an
unprecedented number of us act in the next few days, we can meet this
new attack and help secure strong Internet protections in Europe.

A public comment period is running right now -- let's flood it with
hundreds of thousands of messages calling on EU regulators to close all
loopholes that threaten to ruin the promise of a democratic, free
Internet. Send a message now and tell everyone -- we have just days


The principle of Net Neutrality is what makes the Internet unique and
empowering -- the recognition that everyone, from the richest
corporations to any ordinary citizen, should be free to access all
content and applications equally. Our tenacious campaigning over the
last years has helped translate this principle into strong regulations
in the US, India, and Brazil.

On Thu, 2016-07-14 at 09:15 +0100, Jason Irwin via Nottingham wrote:
> I have not seen or heard a thing about this in the news.
> https://savetheinternet.eu/en/

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