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Jason Irwin jasonirwin73 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 18 09:36:21 UTC 2016

On 18/07/16 10:11, Neal Ponton via Nottingham wrote:
> I'll have a listen to The Linux Tech Show, since the Linux Voice
> podcasts seem to be slow on the ground recently.
You might regrest that, the sound quality on TLLTS is...err...eclectic.

> How's the new phone? Is it powerful?
On the whole the OnepLus 3 is very nice. It has a few downfalls which 
stem from:
	1. No microSD support (I simply don't understand that)
	2. Like all 5.5" phablets, it's just too big across which leads too:
		2.1 Accidentally hitting edge-buttons due to fingers being stretched
		2.2 Having to shuffle the phone up-and-down to access whole screen
		2.3 Lower DPI even at 1080
		2.4 Poor battery life
	3. It's too thin (probably a side effect of the above) and this:
		3.1 Makes it hard to hold when not in a case
		3.2 Possibly lowers battery capacity

In use though, it's very nice. The OxygenOS veneer over Android 6 is 
slick. The fingerprint-scanner/home screen is quick. In fact the whole 
phone is blazing fast. The camera is nifty, and I really need to read 
the instructions on how to use the manual exposure, focus etc. I like 
the fact it come with almost no bloatware and what junk is there can 
usually be uninstalled. So no Facebook, Tiwtter, Instagram or other 
garbage. Nice.

Charging via the DASH charger is super-fast, which make up for the 
battery capacity (circa 2 days).

Over all it feels and looks well built. No I have it in a case, I can 
also hold the thing.

I've got a few niggles, whether that's Android, OxygenOS or me not 
finding the right setting; I dunno. It's nothing major though.

If this were a thicker ~5" job @1080, with microSD and a better battery, 
it would be a flagship killer. As it is, it's an amazing phone for the 
price but I think there is better on the market if you have the money to 

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