[Nottingham] Looking for a new Linux laptop

Graham Dicker graham.dicker at antecor.com
Sun Jun 26 08:20:23 UTC 2016

On Thursday 02 Jun 2016 08:52:17 Graham Dicker via Nottingham wrote:
> I have ordered a Lenovo IdeaPad 100S. It should arrive today.


I first experimented with running a live DVD version of Ubuntu from a USB stick 
with casper-rw to provide persistent storage but it was very slow and the 
constant read/write access to the stick would mean a short life. Also the wi-fi 
didn't work (this was expected).
I next installed VirtualBox and used that to install the latest Opensuse (Leap 
42.1) but this was useless because the distribution omits one of the photo 
processing tools I need.
So I finally installed Opensuse 13.2 (64 bit) and that worked well enough for 
me to do the photography I wanted during my holiday. However, it is slow and 
the amount of disk space is too small. The built in eMMC drive is 32 Gbytes of 
which Windows takes a big chunk leaving just enough room to create a 9 Gbyte 
virtual drive for Opensuse. I actually had to install it twice because the 
first time I allowed it to do all the updates available and one of these (I 
don't know which) caused the maximum display resolution to be irreversibly 
reduced to 640x480 (prior to that it was 1366x768). So I have disabled all 
updates. I probably need to disable updates for Windows too as it probably has 
not got enough disk space to cope.



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