[Nottingham] [Social] *Tomorrow* Thursday 03/03/2016: Up a Hidden Alley

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Tue Mar 8 00:00:10 UTC 2016

>>> *Up a Hidden Alley*
>>> http://nottingham.lug.org.uk/event/up-a-hidden-alley-2
>>> Usual 7:30pm, Thursday 03/03/2016
>>> With added discussion for what we are doing for the rest of the year.

The Alley Cafe proved to be very good as always, especially so for
excellent healthy food. One of our group even had desert! We then
enjoyed a good encore up the neighbouring hidden alley (that looks very
Harry Potter-esq) to drop in on the Barrel Drop.

All very good stuff to be revisited...

And strangely enough, we have the Barrel Drop on our itinerary for later
in the year.

Meanwhile, to follow up on one obscure point of discussion, herewith we
have a putative perpetual motion slinkie!


Excellent fun work there. A minor design addition could be to add
recesses or shaped depressions in the platforms to guide the slinkie to
the centre of the next platform so as to correct for the inevitable drift.

All good fun :-)

(Perhaps we should try listing a sample of the wild variety of
discussion we rattle through on these nights... The discussion list
would be quite a giggle in itself :-P )

Until the next Linux-and-everything else meet,

All welcome,

Watch the list!


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