[Nottingham] Basford Datacentre Visit - 2016-10-20 Thursday 3pm

Barry Fox Barry.Fox at spacedatacentres.co.uk
Fri Oct 14 09:33:16 UTC 2016

Good morning all,

Just to confirm the attendees that I have received information for the visit next Thursday.

John, Jason, Nathan, Vadim, Martin and Chris.

All of the above have been granted access, if anybody else would like to join us, please do let me know by 5pm today.  Again if the 20th is not convenient for some of you by all means do let me know and we can arrange a mutually convenient day / time.

Just to set some expectations, Please be aware we are a new facililty, our DC is not full of servers, but we are working on it, we currently have a couple of racks nearly fully populated, we have a total of 48 racks within the DC, so we do have a lot of work to do.

We have just had a visit from Intel recently and we received some very complimentary comments from them, so hopefully you will feel the same way..

Barry Fox
Business Development Executive

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Oooops, missed the troff bit:

[*] See:

TRON command

Tron (1982-07-09)


Martin via Nottingham wrote:
> Folks,
> Roll-up, roll-up, login... For a rare occasion...
> To venture into the Cloud... To See INSIDE the MATRIX...
> To never to be seen in this world again... Until you can find the 
> magic command troff[*] to depixelate and reemerge... Forever changed!
> Or more sedately:
> Come watch a few LEDs blink furiously, fans whirring, LOTs of cables 
> and racking, even LOTs MORE data flying along the wires, for the best 
> of what Basford has to offer.
> Also known as touring a datacentre.
> Find that perfect home for your RaspberryPi3?... Or a few?...
> All very aptly followed up with food and our Organ Grinder talk about 
> the Parallella.
> Thanks to:
> Barry Fox (Business Development Executive) 
> https://www.spacedatacentres.co.uk/
> for the kind invite.
> Please be welcome to join the small group of Geek Musketeers as we 
> explore this new physical cyberspace in Basford.
> Further details are:
> #####
> Those that wish to *attend on the 20th October* [Thursday afternoon], 
> please provide the information requested below, so that I may begin to 
> request access to the site for you all.
> Visit date/time - 20th October 2016 / 15:00 Visitor name(s) - Company 
> name - Vehicle registration(s) if parking required) - Reason for visit 
> - Introductory visit Approximate visit duration - 1 Hour Site - SDC/RD
> I also again need to express that you do need to bring some form of 
> photographic ID with you on the day, e.g Passport of Driving Licence.
> We do need to take a copy of this so that we can hold it on record so 
> that we can satisfy our ISO27001 accreditation.  If further visits are 
> wanted or requested we would not need to take this again.
> #####
> *NOTE: NO DETAILS TO BE SENT TO THIS LIST* ! (For obvious reasons.)
> Please email Barry directly on:
> barry.fox        spacedatacentres.co.uk
> (Insert the obvious "@" lest we zap their anti-spam...)
> Your details are needed by Barry by end of Friday 14/10/2016 ( 
> So far we have John, Jason, Nathan and myself for the full tour and 
> food and talk.
> All welcome :-)
> Cheers,
> Martin

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