[Nottingham] Basford Datacentre Visit

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Wed Sep 21 16:42:14 UTC 2016

Thanks Barry.

Note to ALL:


This is a very public list open to all including search engines...


Can you coordinate please and see if we can group up on a preferred day.

For myself, I would nominate a Wednesday or Thursday afternoon prior to
an NLUG meeting.

And considering recent events (outages) in various datacentres across
London, we'll be asking about power protection and resilience and backup
amongst the usual questions about connectivity...


(OK, so that sounds like you have Paul and myself for starters :-) )


On 21/09/16 17:30, Barry Fox via Nottingham wrote:
> Hi all,
> Ok so, in order for me to start arranging tours of the facilities
> here I would need to have confirmation of each individual that would
> like to attend a site visit here at Space Data Centres as we do have
> to adhere to certain policies to ensure we are following the
> requirements of ISO 27001.
> The site visits would need to be conducted during core business hours
> so 9am to 5pm.  We would also require car registrations of the
> vehicles that would be onsite and also all those that are attending
> would need to bring some form of government issued identificaton, i.e
> Passport or Driving Licence.
> The DC itself being quite young is relatively, lets call it quiet at
> the moment, but as time progresses this will fill.
> It would be great if there is a genuine requirement from some of the
> attendees that colo, or even managed servers are a necessity but this
> is also about us getting our name out in the Linux community.
> All those that are interested feel free to contact me on
> barry.fox at spacedatacentres.co.uk and I will gladly discuss dates /
> times suitable for people to visit.
> Have a great evening all..
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> 17:04 To: Notts GNU/Linux Users Group Subject: [Nottingham] NotLUG
> 16th Birthday party time?
> On 21/09/16 14:00, Paul Sladen via Nottingham wrote:
>> This month will be NotLUG's 16th birthday.  Which means Robin Tux
>> is legally part-take in various activities.  The following claims
>> to be a write-up of "the first" NotLUG meeting in September 2000,
>> with contributions from Godfrey and Ted:
>> http://www.paul.sladen.org/notlug/site/2000-september.html
>> Perhaps I can make a shameless suggestion in exchange for the 
>> shameless plug that you might want to invite NotLUG for a birthday 
>> party, at the new datacentre, of course!
>> With a month-or-two this would potentially allow sufficient time
>> to advertise it across the Universities, nearby LUGs,
>> OpenStreetMap Hackspace, UKNOF etc.  Plus when the nights get damp
>> and cold people want something exciting to celebrate!
>> -Paul
> Mmmm...
> Does that make the first meeting something like Tuesday 19/09/2000?
> Were there not one or two meetings early on that were a few months 
> apart, arranged by Godfrey?...
> OK... So perhaps it is about time we added a historical section. Some
> of us do seem to have been around that long!
> (OK, any excuse for a party :-) )
> Cheers, Martin

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