[Nottingham] Odd Ubuntu 12.04 boot problem

stripes theotoky stripes.theotoky at googlemail.com
Tue Feb 7 10:08:26 UTC 2017

When I boot the laptop I get a message on the bottom of the screen which I
guess is supposed to say it is so many times since the last drive check,
check forced.

What it actually shows is a two rows of text mostly made up of white
diamonds with 4 capital letters F and I and two others I can't remember,
the Greek pi and eta and don't wish to reboot it now as it is running.

Pressing I boots the box normally. Pressing anything else generally leads
to more error messages made up of white diamonds. I assume I am telling it
to ignore the errors.

When I get to the log in screen text in the username and password fields is
in Greek but it accepts English input for the password. Once booted the box
runs normally.

I tried booting into recovery mode and running fsck but I have no idea what
it was doing as it gave me a row of white diamonds and just seemed to hang.


I had the following keyboards set up and working
English (UK)
Greek (Simple)

I deleted the German and French layouts and replaced them with Bulgarian
This never worked properly only giving me some characters.

Travelled by air and it seems when the staff inspected the laptop they must
have turned it on and it travelled powered up as when I arrived the standby
light was on but it wouldn't boot or turn off properly I had in the end to
hold the power button down until the power light went out and then pull the
battery before it could be started.

When it started everything came up in Greek, menus everything. I managed to
reset it to English, rebooted and came up with the above problem.
The keyboards installed at this time were
English (UK)
Greek (Simple)

after a reboot the keyboards had reverted to the older

English (UK)
Greek (Simple)

Any ideas on what could have happened or how to fix it?


Stripes Theotoky

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