[Nottingham] Big Data - A Nottingham Skeptics in the Pub talk that may be of interest

Fay Knight fay_knight at zoho.com
Mon Feb 13 19:14:13 UTC 2017

Sounds interesting, thanks for the tip-off.  I'll try to get there. 


On 13/02/17 11:02, Jason Irwin via Nottingham wrote:
> Run by Nottingham Skeptics in the Pub, I thought this might be of
> interest to some on here. From the main page:
>     Big Data knows where you’ve been and who your friends are. It
> knows what you like and what makes you angry. It can predict what
> you’ll buy, where you’ll be the victim of crime and when you’ll have a
> heart attack. Big Data knows you better than you know yourself, or so
> it claims.
> But how well do you know big data?
> Being held at the Canalhouse which does good food and drinks
> ("Bitburger Drive" is available for drivers and is palatable). Access
> to the upper conference area is via an external door beyond the main
> door (there’s usually a sign out). There is a smaller bar upstairs,
> but it’s not normally open until after the talk, so best fuel up in
> the main bar before heading up (exit via main door, take hard right,
> go up the stairs).
> When? Tuesday, April 4 2017 at 7:30PM
> Where? The Canalhouse, 48-52 Canal St, Nottingham, NG1 7EH
> Who? Timandra Harkness
> Skeptics:
> http://nottingham.skepticsinthepub.org/Event.aspx/10144/Big-Data-does-size-matter
> NLUG: http://nlug.ml1.co.uk/event/big-data-does-size-matter

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