[Nottingham] FLOSS ebook readers?

David Aldred davidaldred at gmail.com
Thu Aug 2 13:41:03 UTC 2018

The big advantage of e-readers (or e-ink/e-paper screens) is that they use
mainly reflected light - as does paper or basically anything that isn't
directly lit up.  I can read for hours - on a journey, say - without the
slightest feeling of strain or fatigue - on an ereader; on an 'active'
screen my tolerance is far less.   Using reflected light is what the
physiology of our eyes is really set up for!  (And for actually reading, as
opposed to taking in complex graphical content, black and white is fine).

That's why I spent money on an ereader as well as a tablet.

David Aldred

On Thu, 2 Aug 2018 at 14:14, Martin via Nottingham <
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> On 01/08/18 16:05, VM via Nottingham wrote:
> > hmmm, what's wrong with general purpose computers? you've got a
> > chromebook gathering dust somewhere ;)
> Yep... And long overdue for being retrieved and de-Borged to see the
> true light of GNU/Linux.
> :-)
> Had a glance at some of the present e-readers and e-ink displays and...
> Really like the zero power to maintain the display and hence the
> excellent battery life.
> But:
> Mainly monochrome only and no RGB or CYMK colour;
> Relatively low res;
> e-ink displays are surprisingly expensive for even mediocre res.
> So... The chromebook anew looks to be good!
> That's an old project to be soon dusted off :-)
> Thanks,
> Martin
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