[Nottingham] [Talk] 7:30pm Thursday 23/08/2018: Fix-it/Install/Demo Evening

VM vadim at mankevich.co.uk
Wed Aug 15 20:27:10 UTC 2018

On 08/15/2018 07:46 PM, Martin via Nottingham wrote:
> On 15/08/18 12:37, VM via Nottingham wrote:
>> will there be a monitor with hdmi input, preferably fullhd?
> I'm taking a 1280 x 1024 LCD Display Monitor with VGA and DVI inputs.
> Plus the usual rucksack of extension leads.
> Anyone got a hdmi -> DVI converter/adapter?
> We're over at the Falcon at Canning Circus in their upstairs room. I'll
> check with them in case they have a hdmi screen up there.
> Cheers,
> Martin
I can take my own adapter if it's DVI-D. It will be good to show a
sniffing virtual machine on a separate screen.

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