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Wed Jul 25 17:46:18 UTC 2018

Hi All,

An interesting event happened in the office I work in today. We host some servers in our rented office server room no guarantee of up time but usually we have no problems. But today the air con in the server room packed up. We weren't informed of this at any point. I only found out because I walk pass the server room on my way out for lunch which is when I noticed the door was open and heard the server fans in the server room going nuts so I walked in to the check the air con settings (these have been turned up by the centre manager or maintenance guy to save energy in the past) I find it's set to 18 like usual so I put my hand over the air con unit to find that it is off. I confront the centre manager just I case they don't know. To be told they know and it will be fixed today and that they had no intention of telling us. So after some checking of cpu temps we decided to shut down all none critical services and servers to reduce load on our systems. About 16:30 I decided i'll get a cold drink from one of the shops around the corner and enquire whether the air con is fixed yet (thinking if it isn't we don't want to leave any servers on over night). When I approached reception the air con guys were there thinking that they will either be arriving or leaving I think I'll check the air con myself to find the door still open and the air con on. At no point today have we been informed of the situation causing angry emails being sent to upper management. I've already started discussing moving our servers out of such a poor managed system with my managers. Rant over

On a side note could we hold the centre responsible if any of our servers fail in the next 6 months?

Thanks for listening
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