[Nottingham] SSH, port-forward and X-forwarding magic

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> Do not underestimate the false sense of security of a VPN/tunnel...
Not my call.

> Are your endpoints themselves secure and trustworthy?
The VPN? I have no clue, I don't manage that.

> Do your local machines (lazily) assume the internal LAN to be secure and
> trusted?
No. Every personal machine is firewalled with only the specific ports
opened (which is, generally speaking, almost none).
The corporate box? Pretty sure it is, but I have little control over that.

Is your internal LAN still really secure and trusted with a VPN
> tunnelling through your firewall from the unclean bad outside?
No VPN inbound, only outbound (that's why I need SSH to get into my LAN)

Are your systems still secure when they assume all their connections are
> "local only" and yet you now have a remote connection from "somewhere
> else"...
Mine? Yes, AFAIK.
Corporate? Mine seem to be, I have stories about others. :-)

... As demonstrated by the giggle of remote workers working for two
> different corporates/call-centres, and using two VPNs that then
> inadvertently connect the internal networks of those two remote entities
> together for much hilarity...
 I have seen that happen.

That's the usual lame lazy excuse of the Proprietary world and the old
> game of lock-in...
The services are not on the public internet, so some kind of tunnel/proxy
is needed.
I guess you could expose them and use SSO or similar, but I am not sure how
much better/worse that would be.
It's not my call.

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