[Nottingham] Copy without copying? (file copy deduplication)

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Tue Jun 11 18:29:20 UTC 2019

On 11/06/2019 12:48, VM via Nottingham wrote:
> Yes, old docs covered only read-only snapshots and then people just
> got used to using them for backups. Unless you know to search for
> read-write use cases you're out of luck. I read about LVM in some
> Linux magazine (Linux Voice?) ages ago. Your rant element is not

>From my checking out all this from some time ago...

I believe the writeable snapshot and merge feature for LVM became
available in LVM2... I'll admit that my main use was for read-only
snapshots for backups. (Now on btrfs.)

In the days of much smaller disk drives and rapidly changing use
requirements, the LVM volume management both across a disk and across
multiple disks was invaluable.

On very rare occasions, I've used writable snapshots as reckless system
'forks' to try some experiment to then roll forward or abandon as
needed. Quicker than messing with VMs :-P ;-) :-)

(Then again, reading the manual first and gaining deep understanding can
be the more reliable way to go... :-P )

> parsable :) But I agree. I will do a presentation of sandboxing with
> firejail at the next meeting and that is a good example how
> developers should document features and use cases.

A superfluous bracket?...

And looking forward to your demo, thanks.

Note, we'll be over in the *Herbert Kilpin* for a new venue and an
alternate selection of food and beer :-)

See ya there!


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