[Nottingham] Mint Firefox jailed at last

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Thu Apr 23 13:09:39 UTC 2020


Good going. You've got further than myself!

Then again, I've been lazy and distracted with other tasks. My main
excuse is that I've got an entirely separate quarantined machine
dedicated to only to be used for anything online financial...

Still good to fix up something better.

Hope to see you online tonight?


On 22/04/2020 20:01, NIGEL Black via Nottingham wrote:
> Hi Folks
> If you've ever tried unsuccessfully to firejail Firefox in Mint you're
> not alone.  It's something that defeated me even with the help of NLUG
> members.
> Recently I found a solution:  install the latest  deb version of Firefox.
> My version of Mint (19.1) shipped with firejail v 0.9.52 and is running
> Firefox v 75.0.  After uninstalling firejail and installing v 0.9.62
> Firefox works from the terminal, which is ok by me. 
> This might interest Boris.
> Unfortunately I can't find where the solution came from!
> Cheers.
> Nigel

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